Friday, July 20, 2012

Microcar Museum a complete PITA

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum: If you are planning a visit to this museum don't bother. These time-wasters are a complete PITA.
We planned a visit, calling in advance to check they would be open. We drove from Toronto in Canada to Madison, Georgia, for the high spot of our tour, to find they have shut for the weekend. A phone call to a member of staff meets with ignorance and evasiveness.
We called in at the Madison Visitor Centre in town, where they let us know that we were the latest in a long list of visitors unhappy with their treatment by this outfit. These people have more money than manners, treating folks with contempt. Bad luck to them.
I recommend if you want to see microcars at a proper museum go to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

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