Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waffling warmist a dim bulb

The return to the political stage of Toronto's ex-Mayor David Miller cannot go unremarked. Now a sinecurist with the World Wildlife Fund, a job with no known success criteria, you wonder whether he is coming unhinged. Promoting the wacky WWF Earth Hour, where we all are supposed to turn the lights off and blunder about in the dark, he says: "Climate change is overwhelming. It's literally causing problems at a global scale, and sometimes it's hard as an individual to think what you could do to help."
Stop talking nonsense comes to mind. In the photograph accompanying the story in the Toronto metro newspaper I notice Miller is wearing a scarf to keep warm. You couldn't make this stuff up!
His timing is unfortunate. Toronto is yet to recover from one of the harshest winters since records began but that does not stop Miller blathering on about the evils of global warming. He also cannot resist interfering in the politics of his old bailiwick by promoting his transit agenda based on streetcars and light rail. Using the royal "we" he says: "We have the best rapid transit plan - all the engineering has been done - we just need to build." As a 'has been' his plans have no more validity than yours or mine.
Anybody who actually rides on the TTC in the rush hour will know that the streetcars are worse than cattle trucks. I used to think that the TTC was just badly managed. I now know that it is rotten from top to bottom. Perhaps David Miller could do us all a favour and report the TTC to the WWF for cruelty to the poor passengers.
Here is an abridged version of some of David Miller's achievements:
* The hero of the G20 summit (more arrests in a day than any other in Canadian history).
* Provoking a five-week garbage strike, and then losing to his union chums.
* Burnishing his crisis-management skills by remaining absent after the Sunrise propane explosion.
* Paying $35 million not to build the bridge to the island airport.
* Failing to spot a $47m liability for the Pan-Am games.
* Presiding over a disgraceful regime at Municipal Licensing Services to the detriment of small business.
* Turning a blind eye when Adam Giambrone was caught with his hand in the till.
* Spending much of his time on foreign "jollies" while the city stagnated.
I must say I've missed David Miller's pronouncements, as comical in their own way as our very own dear Rob Ford.

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YMGW said...

Interesting, readable, long article in the April 2014 issue of "National Geographic" about the use of coal. China's wholesale adoption of this for electricity production puts western angst about global warming into perspective. Sure, things may be warming, but that this is down to human activity is further evidence of our hubris. Just off to fire up the Jensen!