Friday, July 10, 2015

Trains running on empty

Pic by Ron Stockey.
We went to check out the Union Pearson Express, the new train linking downtown Toronto with the airport. PunchBuggy is all in favour of public transit, but something has gone badly wrong here. We saw three trains viewed from the Toronto Railpath. I did not see a single passenger on any of these trains. I can only conclude that the pricing policy of $27.50 for a single trip, which takes 25 minutes, is an offer the passengers have refused. Look out for some pricing action before too long.


Lloyd Alter said...

I have been on two trips since it launched. It costs far less when you use a presto card and is fast and convenient, more so than say the Heathrow Express where you walk about five km to get to and dumps you in Paddington. Its Bloor station is a few blocks from my house and I have exchanged a $60 cab ride for a $11 train ride that takes less time and is dependable. I love it.

RLT said...

Lloyd, The question is was it busy? Plainly you are one of the lucky ones living near one (of the two) intermediate stations. The service looked like a make-work project shifting thin air when I was there. RGDS RLT