Monday, January 15, 2001

More folding stuff

On Sunday I ventured out on the Brompton folding bike for the second week-end in a row. A trip on the Cuckoo Trail along an old railway line was followed this week with a ride from Polegate to Sovereign Harbour at Eastbourne and back - about twelve miles. We drove to Polegate in my brother's little VW Lupo which swallows two folding bikes no problem.
We cycled past the 'road to nowhere,' a modern duel carriageway which has remained unopened for some years pending the completion of the Polegate bypass - a monument to integrated transport that would do John 'Two Jags' Prescott proud.
A motorist made a determined attempt to run me down on a roundabout in Eastbourne highlighting the need to stay away from cars at all cost. Back home to Lewes to haggis, neeps and tatties washed down with whisky - a fitting end to a ride in the cold of January - roll on summer.

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