Monday, September 29, 2003

Carless in Ontario

To Queen's Quay last Wednesday on the Brompton bicycle making the most of a warmish day - stop by Budapest Park on Lakeshore which remembers the Hungarian Revolution and celebrates "the start of the fall of communism." I clear up the litter which makes me feel good - have some respect.
Sit outside Tim Horton's among the boats on the Quay with coffee and the papers. I'm becoming aware that some places cater for bikes better than others. Here my bike is safely locked up in a bike rack but other places have a way to go.
Back via the Ex which is very quiet - I am drawn to the Peace Park and, of course, the windmill which now has some information panels explaining the benefits of wind power.
Thursday and I'm back on Lakeshore for the regular lunch gig at the Greek Texan. The Brompton just folds up and comes in the restaurant with me.
Friday and its off to Oakville in the evening on the GO train for two days exploring this town of 150,000. After checking in at the Holiday Inn we walk to the mall and supper at East Side Mario's, a chain restaurant with good budget dining.
Next morning we take a taxi in the rain to Caffe Del Libros, adjacent to Bookers bookstore. After brunch we stroll round the historic distict close to the lake and take a tour round the Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate, historic home of the Chisholm family.
In the evening we meet up with friends and head for Tokyo Bay Japanese restaurant - remarkably good value and Sapporro beer too. A tour of the district shows why this is a favoured dormitory town for Toronto, some twenty miles away, but with remarkably good rail connections. You can see the lights of Hogtown from the lakeshore.

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