Sunday, September 21, 2003

You are what you do

On Wednesday to Toronto Islands in the sunshine on the Brompton - take the ferry to Wards Island at $6 round trip; spent the ferry trip demonstrating the bike to interested punters. I actually saw a lady on another Brompton in town at Queen's Quay- she rang her bell!
Cycle round the lanes with no cars, including Algonquin Island. Lunch on Centre Island and home via Hanlan's Point, fifteen plus miles in all. I'm getting much fitter covering the miles.
Thursday and the usual trip by Brompton to meet the Mrs at the Greek Texan on Lakeshore Boulevard - our friendly local diner. Do some grocery shopping at Sobey's on the way back and feel virtuous cycling home with my front basket full of goods.
Making the most of the weather while I can - the tail-end of Hurricane Isabel came through on Friday morning but was not as bad as billed by the media; nevertheless some branches blown down in the front garden. My old friend Tracy Barker evacuated from the Outer Banks down in North Carolina.
Saturday to the cruise night down at Canadian Tire on the Queensway - next week-end is the last cruise of the season so we enjoyed the sunny Saturday night while we can. Took supper at Sizzling Jaks opposite where we could watch the muscle cars cruising in and out of the parking lot. Took some photos with the digital camera - were much taken with AMC Javelin and AMX parked side by side. Thirty odd years on American Motors is a nearly forgotten footnote and the cars look like something from another planet.

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