Saturday, September 13, 2003

Airport opportunity

On Thursday to the Greek Texan on Lakeshore for lunch with Mrs LT. I'm finding the backstreets on the Brompton that keep me out of the traffic. Then Friday I'm setting off for the city centre when I meet a neighbor who works downtown at the city airport - he cycles everyday for about nine months of the year - so I'm on my mettle to keep up. He tows me along and when we are close to Bathurst St he sprints ahead to catch the 10:30 ferry to the Toronto City Centre Airport built on reclaimed land at the west end of Toronto Island.
Nevertheless I'm in the city in no time. I catch the next ferry and soon I'm in the control tower at the airport - what a buzz with a fantastic view of the city and the islands.
They are due to build a bridge to the airport shortly which aims to transform its commercial fortunes. I remark that if the airport was in Hong Kong they'd have three tunnels, two bridges and a cable car by now. Of course they are bedeviled by protests from local condo owners, all of whom bought their property long after the opening of the airport in 1939.
There is much interest in London City Airport as an example of what might be.
I'm delivered with bicycle to Hanlan's Point for a ride to Centre Island and lunch at the Carousel Cafe. On my return Michael, the fireman, shows me round the airport and drops me off for the short trip back to the mainland. Great to talk to some serious professionals who are plainly both dedicated and enjoy their work. They are a friendly bunch at the airport and they made my day.
Into town to buy the papers and a copy of Autosport and back home along Front Street and Queen St dodging into the quieter side streets. A woman driving a Golf tries to wipe me out, changing lanes without checking her mirrors. The number of folk jabbering on mobile phones at the wheel also gives you pause for thought.
The Brompton continues to attract attention - an Asian guy on the pavement says "I like the bike man."

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