Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Dockland diversion

I'm really enjoying having the Brompton bike here in Toronto and have been getting fit on the bike trails. It is great heading downtown on the Martin Goodman trail with the fifth biggest city in North America on your left and Lake Ontario on your right. I managed a twenty mile trip yesterday heading to The Distillery to the east of downtown - which is an old largely Victorian distillery dating back to 1832. The site has 44 old buildings on thirteen acres and has been used as a location for many Hollywood movies. Balzac's Coffee house is the place to hang out, outdoors at this time of year. Woody Harrelson (best known as the barman in Cheers) was there - being British I didn't yell "Hey Woody, old buddy."
From there I went for a circular tour of the docklands, large parts of which are semi-derelict. We're having a marvellous spell of weather - endless sunny days in the seventies - only the garden is complaining. Back home via Sunnyside and a well deserved ice cream. Funny to think that most of the trip was on reclaimed land - there is a wildlife reserve at the mouth of the Humber river which is completely artificial, but at least they are trying to clean the stormwater before dumping it in the lake.

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