Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hogtown City Limits III

The press here in Toronto are expressing surprise that an individual unconnected with the Toronto Transit Commission has produced a transit map far superior to those issued by the commission itself.
How can it be that one bright man in his spare time can outwit all the sinecurists, consultants, committee wallahs, and meddling politicians in Hogtown?
Their surprise is based on a lack of understanding. Bureaucracies can never agree on an action plan; a bureaucrats greatest pleasure is to thwart the plans of his fellow bureaucrat. They do not live in a competitive world so the "customer," or passenger in this case, will get what they are given from a cult of mediocrity.
Toronto's "large imperfect" Mayor, David Miller has recently installed placeman Adam Giambrone as TTC Commissioner. According to the Globe and Mail Giambrone thinks the map is "cool."
The TTC have apparently been goaded into a website redesign which is going out to tender. Bring on the sinecurists, consultants, committee wallahs, and meddling politicians.
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