Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paul "Red Wedge" Weller

Paul Weller is in The Times with his foul-mouthed views on politics, presumably because he has a new CD to sell. He disses David Cameron for liking the "Eton Rifles" - his first hit with The Jam. He wonders why a Tory could like his song with its 'deep' leftie message. As if anybody cared about the words, the success of the song being based on the shouted chorus in a cod south London accent.
The Jam disintegrated in a welter of recrimination over money and contracts. He criticises his ex-bandmates Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, less fortunate than he, who are trying to make a shilling as "From The Jam" - maybe he is envious of their current success. He talks of writer's block - let us hope it returns.

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