Thursday, May 15, 2008

Porter impresses

To Toronto Island airport on the yellow Brompton bicycle. Along the trail I bump into Lloyd Alter riding a new Strida 5 folding bike. Designed in the UK, made in Taiwan. He is heading for Manhattan on Porter Airlines, taking the bike with him in a snowboard bag. I take a couple of pictures for him prior to boarding. Turns out he is a blogger and going to a furniture show in the Big Apple.
I talk to a man outside the departure lounge, a Kevin Frankish-lookalike, was it him? He keeps purring "fantastic, fantastic" about the airport. He knows that a tunnel was started to the airport way back when - I say if it was Hong Kong there would be two tunnels and three bridges! He is not the only one pleased with the NYC service. This from journalist pal Rebecca: "I did indeed fly Porter and it exceeded my expectations! It was hassle free and comfortable. Free all-you-can-drink lattes in the lounge nearly made me swoon. No big deal taking the bus in to Manhattan from Newark. I highly recommend it if you're thinking of migrating that way anytime soon."
I take the ferry on the lower deck and lunch at Druxy's. After harvesting some pop cans on the Lakeshore, a gentle ride home via Roncesvalles and Bloor Street. About 11 miles in all.

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Lloyd Alter said...

Just discovered your site and will update my post with your name. THanks for the picture!