Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hogtown City Limits VI

David Miller, Toronto's "large imperfect" mayor, has blown another gasket over the Toronto City Centre Airport. Plans to purchase a new ferry to take passengers to the thriving airport have coincided with a so-called attempt to pack the Toronto Port Authority committee that controls the airport.
Miller is whomping on about the economy when the airport brings businessmen to town; provides employment for pilots, airport staff and cab drivers; purchases many millions of dollars worth of locally-built Bombardier aircraft and locally-built ferries for that matter! Plans for a new terminal will also bring construction jobs.
Miller goes into victim mode and sulks because his best efforts could not destroy the airport - having killed the bridge to the island airport he wrongly thought it would die on the vine. Thank goodness resilient businessman Robert Deluce, and his Porter Airlines, are made of sterner stuff.
Miller pledges to hold his salary to $163,040 - we weep for him - still time for a round of drinks down at Mackenzie's. Former hack Adam Vaughan is also non-plussed by the end-run by the feds. His discomfort makes my day here at PunchBuggy.
Update: Many thanks to Lloyd Alter, no relation, for his constructive comments. I met Lloyd back in May on a trip to the airport on my bike. I ride a Brompton folding bike and drive a diesel smart for longer trips, sometimes with the Brompton in the back.

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Lloyd Alter said...

bravo. I am a Miller and Vaughan supporter but their myopia over the airport is crazy- it works and those bombardiers are a lot cleaner than any other plane in the sky. And I still am cycling to the airport!