Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Toronto Anniversary

No, I'm not talking about the contrived 175th anniversary dreamt up by the "large imperfect" Mayor, David Miller, and the sinecurists down at City Hall. As I received an issue of "My Toronto," a rag published in twelve different languages at vast expense by the boroughmongers, I was thinking of another anniversary altogether. That is the seventieth anniversary of Toronto City Centre Airport, which has passed by unremarked. Turns out the first aircraft landed at the island airport on February 4, 1939. Originally called Port George VI, then Toronto Island Airport, we know it today as Toronto City Centre Airport. Of course the honourable record of the airport has been airbrushed out of history by the lefties of Hogtown.
Research into the plaque in the 'new' control tower has thrown up a historical mystery. I have written to The Beaver to see if they can solve it:
"Dear Beaver,

Here is a puzzle. In the control tower at Toronto City Centre Airport there is a plaque which says the following:

The Margaret R. Dunseith building was dedicated to Canada's first woman air traffic controller by the Honourable David Macdonald, Member of Parliament for Rosedale, on behalf of the Honourable BenoƮt Bouchard, Minister of Transport, on June 23, 1989.

It seems there is another claimant to the title:

Katherine MacLean Wood: Air Traffic Controller, Born Dunbarton, Scotland 1911. Died December 27, 2004. She emigrated to Canada with her family in 1930. She would become Canada's first female Air Traffic Controller.

Reference here.

I wonder if you can resolve this mystery and tell us more about these two pioneering women?

Finally I would like to pay tribute to the air traffic controllers at Toronto City Centre Airport, who are a fine body of men and women, doing a vital job with great skill, for which they receive little thanks."

We'll see what they have to say.
Hi to Brian in Edson, Alberta, PunchBuggy reader.

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