Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hogtown City Limits X

Now that the cycling season is underway me and my chums, the chaplain and Ron, are out and about, often visiting CYTZ, Toronto City Centre Airport. On a recent trip we bumped into George Lagogianes, reporting for CP24. When asked about about the airport he said it was "definitely needed."

Like Kevin Frankish, of City TV, who said "fantastic, fantastic" when flying from the airport - see PunchBuggy Passim - it is a pity these media types don't offer more public support to the airport, instead of letting the knockers and the lefty boroughmongers have it all their own way.
There is a plaque in the new control-tower building, which says "The Margaret R. Dunseith building was dedicated to Canada's first woman air traffic controller by the Honourable David Macdonald, Member of Parliament for Rosedale, on behalf of the Honourable BenoƮt Bouchard, Minister of Transport, on June 23, 1989." The air traffic controllers are a fine body of men and woman, doing a vital job and undeserving of the vilification from City Hall.
Now if the pestilential politicians want something useful to do why don't they fix up the eyesore of the Canada Malting Company silos - this is the sight that greets folk arriving at the airport - broken windows and dereliction - the important first impression of the city is of a place run by deadbeats.

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