Friday, July 17, 2009

Searching for a circuit

July 17: We take to the back roads looking for the Autodromo International Algarve which seems unlikely out in the boondocks. We arrive at a roundabout and there it is. A multi-million dollar facility in the middle of nowhere on top of a hill. We call at the Delta Autodromo Caffe for a cafe com leite, 1.30 euro each. The track has plainly created much local employment and we wish them well.
We move on and come across a goatherd with a large herd of goats. A way of life that hasn't changed for centuries. A strange contrast to the petrolheads of Portimao. By chance we then visit some mesolithic burial grounds. The history of mankind in three moves.
We ride on to the hilltop town of Monchique where we take a sardine lunch at the Bar Bela Vista. We photograph the stacks of cork wood on the edge of town. After a siesta we are back at the Bar Paris in Lagos gargling sangria.

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