Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Stations

July 18: To the "end of the world" , the south-west corner of Europe. Back to the fortress built by Prince Henry the Navigator, the home of exploration and map making. We marvel at the giant compass etched in the ground - the first of its kind. This fort was a centre of research for mathematicians and cartographers - a magnet for experienced sea captains, wealthy traders and royalty. Here they gathered in the 15th Century to seek knowledge and ideas to advance the exploration of the world.
We take lunch at Vila do Bispo - Salada Algarvia and tuna sandwich followed by ice cream.

Back to Lagos where we search for the railway station. There are two; old and new. Both are vandalized. The old one is a gem, the new one cannot match it.
We explore while waiting for a train to arrive.
We return to our hotel where a water main has burst and the road is inundated. Siesta.

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