Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hogtown City Limits XI

To the Royal York Hotel for the Annual Meeting of the Toronto Port Authority who manage, among other things, Toronto Island Airport, this year celebrating its seventieth anniversary. The suits on the platform were attempting the impossible - that is to satisfy the congenitally dissatisfied. One hour was set aside for questions and answers - it seemed like three.
Prematurely-aged Councillor and former hack, Adam Vaughan (Trinity Spadina) was soon on his feet with an obscure technical point. He lapsed into saying "we" - that is not the Royal "we" but as in me and my claque. Assembled were Toronto's finest rentamob intent on sneering, heckling, barracking, interrupting and generally tormenting the TPA directors. All the tired old tactics of these clapped-out lefties were on display. The debate veered schizophrenically between points of detail about current operations and a more general wish to return to the days of the horse and cart. The lady moderator struggled, without much success, to contain the ersatz indignation from the floor.
The announcement was made that the TPA had reported a profit for year 2008, with promises of more to come. This was greeted as a serious setback as only abject failure would do. The proposed tunnel to the airport, shovels in the ground, was viewed with suspicion. Surely vehicles would travel through it sooner or later, jets would be flying, armageddon was just around the corner.
Further the name of the airport was to be changed to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport. We were assured that this was welcomed by the surviving relatives of this famous military aviator - whether the new name will stick or not only time will tell.
Adam Vaughan was later seen spouting to the gentlemen of the press to satisfy his narrow constituency. I pointed out that it ill-became him attacking the TPA, as his stewardship of the city-owned Canadian Maltings site, rotting and derelict, spoke to his management capabilities. See: PunchBuggy passim. Billy Bishop must be turning in his grave.
Enjoy the Toronto Airshow this weekend!

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