Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 1: Toronto to Whitehall, Michigan

The "Crazy Daisy" Tour departs 07:10 via 401. Breakfast at truckstop at junction 401/403 at Woodstock. Turn onto 402 for Sarnia - take gas at Goco at Strathroy while chatting to owner Mike re smart car. Reach the border at Bluewater Bridge 11:20. Lengthy delay for fingerprints and mugshot in hot weather. On to Capac off highway for Post Office and quick mooch in thrift store - small town America personified. To Flint, Michigan detouring to find country road - the town is a day late and a dollar short, hit hard by the troubles in the US car industry - we stop at the Salvation Army store which is a shambles but find a Pyrex lid. On to Owosso, via several yard sales, where the thrift store yields three Pyrex gems. Everything in America is for sale. Facing detours for road works and an accident we are running short of diesel so back to the main road where we fill up at Ionia. The satnav is a comfort when looking for gas. Back on the Interstate for nightstop at the Super 8 in Whitehall, Michigan. This is a biker haunt and the receptionist warns us to expect them to trash the place later - false alarm as all is peace and quiet. We shop for groceries opposite so supper is under $5 for two - watch the Tour de France on TV.

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