Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 2: Whitehall, Michigan to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Up early and head into Whitehall/Montague by Lake Michigan and take the highway north to Ludington. Join the queue for the S.S. Badger at 07:30 while taking free coffee and photographs, including this shot of sister ship Spartan. The Badger ia a fine old coal-powered steam ship used to carry railway wagons - the tracks are still in the hold - but has been repurposed as car ferry and tourist trip. We sail promptly at 09:00 for the four hour crossing as we settle in the Carabana saloon. There is a small museum below deck which shows the heyday of the railroad era - "not bad in the fifties" as Paul Watts would say. We arrive at Manitowoc, Wisconsin and there is a lengthy delay as the smart car is last off, unloaded by a company employee - you can neither drive your car on or drive it off - bikers excepted!
We head into Sheboygan where we meet fellow smart car owners Ed and Carol who stop by to say hello as we clean the car in a park by the lake. On to Fond du Lac where we shop at the Piggly Wiggly, more Pyrex at the Goodwill store, and an early night with the Tour de France.

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