Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 3: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to Clintonville, Wisconsin

Thunderstorm overnight in Fond du Lac. Good breakfast at Days Inn, including microwave omelet. Headed out to Elkhart Lake on the back roads, locating Road America by the noise. Wet on arrival. Walk through the tunnel to paddock where the cars of Mark Donohue are set up in a big tent. We particularly like the AMC Javelin cars, being made in Wisconsin. No sign of the Donohue Elva Courier but an enquiry elicits promises of pictures. We learn later that David Hobbs was here on the Saturday for a book signing. We meet Wayne Brown with his Cobra, who is a Bonneville fundamentalist working on a wheel-driven streamliner shooting for 450 mph. The weather cheers up and we watch Can-Am, F5000 and Trans-Am before setting off at 15:00 in a deluge.
Riding to Clintonville, via Lake Winnebago, we follow a Packard convertible - Annette takes a picture on the highway. Arrive at Cobblestone Inn, exceptional value at $66 plus tax. Shop locally for $10 supper for two. This morning to the FWD Museum, opened specially for us, to see the Butterball Special, formerly the AJB of Archie Butterworth.
Wisconsin looks in much better shape than Michigan with a pleasing lack of graffiti. I am happy to report that grits are on sale in local supermarkets - another indication of good taste on the part of the locals, known as "cheeseheads."
To St. Cloud, Minnesota later.

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