Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 21: Klamath Falls, Oregon to Carson City, Nevada

Exit Klamath Falls southbound for California and Nevada. We are spotting vintage tin by the side of the road, also vintage cars and rods on the highway. We cross the stateline and detour into Tulelake, California, which is much boarded up. We stop for diesel at Adin after going through the pass. They have no on-road diesel so we face 60 miles hypermiling to Susanville on deserted roads at 5,000 feet. We heave a sigh of relief as we reach town and stop for $3.15 diesel, then at the Sage Hen for lunch. We book ahead by payphone four nights at the Quality Inn in Carson City which turns out to be cheap and cheerful.
On to Hot August Nights at Reno, a car show that is all over town. Free parking. Reno is evidently feeling the pinch as many motels are closed on the strip - wonderful vintage signs.

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YMGW said...

Great posts on the tour Rupert. Was interested in the piece about the FWD Museum in Clintonville. Audi recently had an exhibition, in Ingolstadt, on the history of FWD. The display included a Jensen FF. What IS this obsession with Pyrex and Bodum?