Friday, August 06, 2010

Day 22: Carson City, Nevada

We stop by Starbucks waiting for the Nevada State Railroad Museum to open. We get free coffee as it is not ready on arrival. We chat to two guys who are cycling cross country from San Francisco to Virginia Beach. Another guy on a motorcycle wants to know all about the smart car.
The museum is a top notch facility staffed by the most enthusiastic folk. We are shown round by Ralph Elligott, a Vietnam vet, who arranges a ride on a handcar. Unlike in the movies everybody faces the front. The counterweighted mechanism is surprisingly smooth.

We head out to Virginia City via Silver City and Gold Hill. I tell the postmistress at Silver City on no account should she take a vacation in Seattle, as I mail a scam parking ticket to authorities in that city.
We ride the short excursion steam train to Gold Hill on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. A hokey holdup is staged and collects money for the Shriners. We take pictures of posters by the side of the road - the US is out of sorts with the government - unemployment, taxation and Obamacare have many riled up in election season.

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