Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 33: Salt Lake City, Utah to Rawlins, Wyoming

We head out to the State Capitol in Salt Lake City, following a tip from Jo Martin in New Zealand, to see the Mormon Meteor record breaking car of Ab Jenkins. Unfortunately the car is no longer there but we see a bust of Jenkins on the fourth floor. We discover that the car was sold by the Jenkins family to local businessman John Price, who planned to open a Museum of Speed in Salt Lake City, a project that is shelved in the downturn.
They are setting up a tent outside the Capitol at the startline of the Tour of Utah. Racing cyclists are warming up on local roads, learning the course for the prologue.
We head north out of the city then following the UP railroad east and joining up with I-80. We lunch at Evanston across the stateline, finding a Pyrex cup in a local thrift store at 10 cents. We detour through Fort Bridger, traverse the badlands, and reach Rock Springs, finding two Corelle Burgundy flared mugs at 25 cents the pair.
Tonight at Rawlins, Wyoming, in the oilpatch. To the City Market for grocery and crashing out after charging for the last couple of hours at 70 mph on the interstate. Nebraska beckons.

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YMGW said...

Particularly liked the Bonneville posts Roop. Where are you putting all that pyrex?!