Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The fight goes on at Bonneville

Rick Pearson reports:
Well folks, you can imagine how fresh I feel after less than 3 hours sleep in a Santa Ana hotel last night and while I returned with all the parts we thought we needed, stripping down the remains of the original 2 engines showed that actually the damage was much more severe than we thought.
The crankshafts and bearings on both engines had been destroyed in the brief seconds after the cases exploded in the gearboxes and the oil pressure dropped. SO we simply don't have enough parts to build one good engine.
However, the Speed racing community have rallied around us, and legendary Salt Bike racer, Joe Amo has offered to get on a plane from his South Dakota workshop and fly up tonight with what we need... So the Speed Scotland team have decamped from the Salt (where you aren't allowed to work beyond 8pm) to the car park of a Casino in nearby Wendover and we've prepped the car and engine parts we have to pull an "all-nighter" once Joe gets here at midnight to be back out on the Salt early tomorrow!
As driver of course, I need to be on fine form tomorrow so I’ll be getting a good night’s sleep, (although I think the team are insisting on that more so that I don’t get in the way with my legendary spanner wielding talents!), so I’ll just need to make the team’s efforts worthwhile with the runs tomorrow.The fight goes on.... fingers crossed for us folks, and thanks for all the kind words of support, much appreciated!

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