Thursday, January 12, 2012

A business burns as a startup struggles

We went for a cycle ride yesterday, Wednesday, me on the Auto-Mini bicycle with three-speed Sturmey Archer gears. I pumped up the forty-year-old tyres, squirted some oil in the gearbox and off I went. Joining my pal Ron at Sunnyside we decided to get off the Lakeshore at the Exhibition Grounds as the onshore wind was too much. A stopover in Kensington Market to buy cheese and take coffee with muffins was followed by a ride along College Street and up the railpath to Dupont.
We went to check out the fire at Save And Secure Self Storage at 97 Pelham Avenue which started on Monday morning. The building which will have to be demolished is adjacent to the railroad tracks and a CPR train crept past the scene while we were there. Sad to see a business and many folks personal possessions destroyed.

We carried on to Annette Street to check on Creme Fraiche, a new store in "permit purgatory," unable to open until the boroughmongers and sinecurists at City Hall get their act together and issue a permit. The anti-business attitudes live on in Hogtown even though "large imperfect" Mayor Miller is long gone. The regime may change but the crusty bureaucrats carry on. Time to clean house.

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