Sunday, January 15, 2012

A streetcar named Kawasaki

This is the #36 Philadelphia trolley approaching the junction of South 70th Street and Elwood on Tuesday 3rd January 2012, heading back toward the city centre. This "modern" Kawasaki streetcar is now more than thirty years old. Some former-Toronto Red Rockets found their way to Philly, when there was a ready market for used equipment.
We were intrigued by the surviving remnants of what was a much more extensive system back in the day. Most North American cities ripped out their streetcars years ago, while some struggle to put them back. There is now no downtown trolley in Philly to delight tourists - what they have is underground. Curiously the tracks and the overhead power supply survive in a number of locations but the political will to revive the city centre seems to be lacking. Using public transit is habit forming - a habit most Americans have long ago abandoned.
P.S. We bought tokens for the trolley at $1.55 per ride. Deal.
Pic by Annette.

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