Saturday, August 04, 2012

Brompton unboxed

I unpacked the red 2000 Brompton 5-spd for a short run with Annette this morning. I brought the bike back with me from the UK after the recent ride in France. Annette is pleased that we are now a two-Brompton family. We ride up to Creme Fraiche, a new neighbourhood coffee shop and treateria, appropriately on Annette Street.

The bike only needs some TLC. I am pleased to note there are Schwalbe tubes in the Brompton-brand tyres – I think fitted for my less than 100-mile tour in France in 2008 which took us to GacĂ©. See PunchBuggy Passim.

Over the last two days I have ridden 12 miles on my normal run to Queens Quay and back (hot), 8 miles back from smart dealer service on Dundas St East (damn hot), on the yellow Brompton.
I think the two Bromptons will go in the back of the smart car.
Pics by RLT.

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