Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dream combination for great day out

Can you fit two Brompton bicycles in the early version of the smart car? Answer: yes! We drove to the Caledon Trailway for a 12-mile round trip cycle ride, proving that minimal motoring and folding bicycles make for a great day out.

After a thorough clean the new, old, red 2000 Brompton was ready for a first proper excursion in Canada. We started by taking coffee and fried egg sandwich at the Trailside Bistro, Caledon East. We then headed west towards Inglewood, along the old railroad bed. Parts of the trail reminded me of the Cuckoo Trail in Sussex - there can't be many Brompton bicycles that have been on both trails. This was ideal cycling on a hot day as much of the trail is shaded by woods. The surface is dressed with crushed limestone - just about good enough for the Bromptons to cope.

We bought an ice cream at the General Store in Inglewood, our turning point. We had visited here before when riding the Forks of the Credit railroad. The more sporty cyclists were missing out on the wildlife. I stopped quietly to observe some birdlets, which I think were kinglets. We were back home by 14:00 after a pitstop at Bulk Barn for trail mix and Garibaldi biscuits.
More tours are in prospect as the potential of the smart/Brompton combo dawns.
Pics by RLT.


telejack said...

Well done. Good move running two Bromptons, and it looks like Annette is as pleased with her 'new' one as you are with yours.

Annette said...

@telejack - I am pleased. Still getting used to changing gears but that will happen with experience.